Maintenance and Marker Services

Spring time at Sunrise is busy, just like it is at your house. We are busy picking up fallen tree branches, left over late falling leaves, blowing and cleaning our road system. We have to remove our staking system which allows us to inter during the winter. We are busy leveling, raking, seeding and haying spaces from winter interments. We are installing new markers, adding scrolls to existing markers, plaques to mausoleums and niches. And getting that first grass cut of the season.

It takes man power and a lot of equipment to run a cemetery. Most people don't see what goes on day to day. We work endlessly to keep and maintain Sunrise so it remains one of the nicest facilities in the area. Have you ever heard the saying  watching the grass grow? Or when it rains it pours? If you ever come here and the grass is taller than normal that is what happened. When it rains we can't mow, we do not want to tear up our turf.  We bought our mowers to use them not look at them. We maintain approximately 40 acres of turf, weed eat natural areas and ditches. We have many fruit and nut baring trees we maintain, and hundreds of others we prune and maintain.

Here is a list of some of the equipment we have at Sunrise to keep our facility maintained and manicured to the standard we demand. Back hoe, dump trucks, John Deere Zero turn mowers, John Deere Gator, John Deere Tractor/mower/snow blower, Ford 8n Tractor, Bobcats loaders with attachments, Bobcat mini excavator, pick up trucks, designated plow trucks, multiple styles and sizes of trailers, push mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, leaf pull behind rakes, chain saws, we have a maintenance building where its a job just to keep up and maintain our equipment.

Some Families maintain around their markers in the spring, memorial day or any time during the year when they can get to Sunrise.  Many families come out to the cemetery with gardening tools and they cut the grass back away from their markers a few inches, some wash them off with water and scrub brushes. They turn their vases up and install flowers.

Flowers installed by Families

Some families install fresh cut flowers one time a year, some a few times a year and some every week. When we mow and see dead fresh flowers we pull them out and turn the vases down for the family.

Other families install artificial flowers. We recommend that you install the artificial  flowers that are in Styrofoam inserts. When this style is used they don't blow out when we get our first big wind storm. When we have a big storm we find many dozen flowers spread around the grounds. We do not know whose flowers are whose so we have to dispose of them instead of putting them on the wrong vases.

Marker Services

Many of families as they age can no longer maintain their markers as they have done in the past. Or they have moved away and are unable to come to Sunrise. So we started a service for those families or families that just prefer to have us do it for them.

  • Pressure washing a marker- this will remove almost all darkness from dirt stains, moss and will make the marker look fresh again. we built a portable tank and washer unit  for this purpose. Cost is $25.00/marker
  • Trimming with a shovel a few inches of grass out from around the marker several inches down and installing pea gravel around the marker. Cost is $25.00/marker
  • Picking up and Re leveling a marker same as #2 but we completely remove marker install pea gravel under marker and level it. Cost is $45.00/marker
  • Special Requests if you have something that you want done and we have not mentioned it. Please come in and we will see if we can help you with your needs. Maybe you want to hold a special sort of service, remembering a special date. We are here to help and plan such events.