Wild life at Sunrise

At Sunrise we have 80 acres, much of it still undeveloped, and as you can see an abundance of wildlife.

At Sunrise we have 80 acres in Hermantown and another 35 acres in Brimson, much of it still undeveloped, and as you can see an abundance of wildlife. This is called a park because all of head stones are level with the ground. We have many people who walk and exercise on our road system. We have bird watchers, photographers,people who have picnics and visit family plots. We are a country setting in the city. You never know what will come flying or running right past you at any time of the day. We strive to keep our grounds well maintained and are constantly working on land development. We plant any where from 15-50 trees per year. You can purchase a tree from us and we will plant it in honor of a loved one, we have many variety of trees.

We have many bird feeders and fruit bearing and nut yielding trees through out the cemetery.

We have had many other forms of wildlife we just have not caught them on film.

We have had in the Cemetery not filmed:

Wolves, Bear, Red Fox, Wood Ducks, Variety of Owls, Wood Chucks, Pine Martins, Grouse, Pheasant, Squirrels, Skunks, Wild Birds of many variety. And many other variety of ducks.

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